How To Protect Your Family With Your 2019 Tax Returns

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It’s officially tax season! This means it’s a great time for you to reflect on what you have done to protect your family in the event of a disability or death. If you are like most of us, you have yet to actually sit down with an attorney to help you navigate through the estate planning maze. As an estate planning attorney, I urge to take an hour of your time and meet with me for a 1 hour free consultation, in order to at least begin the conversation of how you can start planning and protecting your family’s future. Just like you took the time to see your accountant or cpa, make the time to see me before you encounter any hardships. The consultation is free and you’ll leave my office with a better understanding of what estate planning is and finally find some peace of mind knowing that you are taking the steps necessary to protect your family’s future. The extra income from a tax return makes it a great time for one to invest in protecting your children, assets, and avoiding a mess down the line. Call me and let’s get started in helping you protect your family’s future.

Do You Want To Control The Disposition of Your Assets?

The recent 2019 Grammy’s featured an amazing tribute to Aretha Franklin. She is a Grammy winning singer known as the “Queen of Soul“ who unfortunately passed away without a will in place. Her home was estimated to be worth 80 million dollars, but her lack of a proper plan led to an unfortunate tax on her estate. Leaving behind 4 children, this unpreparedness on her part added an extra burden to her children that could have been 100% preventable. Although, the majority of us do not have as big of an estate as Aretha, the consequences of not planning can be just as trying for our family members as it was for her’s . And if you have an estate that is worth over $150,000 your family will have to go through probate and the added headache of the Los Angeles court system. Here your family might not be taxed millions, but they will be charged thousands in unnecessary probate fees. Don’t let the court’s decide how to distribute your assets. Take control of your family’s future today. These are all concerns Michelle Castillo, an estate planning attorney in Granada Hills can help you with.


Are Your Children Protected?

If your children are under 18 it is crucial to plan for them with a Guardian Nomination form. If something was to happen to both parents of an under aged child and no plannification was done by the parents- the court’s will then decide who will care for your children when you are gone. This is a life altering decision that you do not want to let a judge make for you. Have peace of mind knowing that you have assigned someone you care and trust to be your children’s guardians in the event something happens to both you and your spouse. Invest your 2019 tax money on a proper plan that will prevent the state from choosing the fate of your children. Michelle Castillo helps you set up a plan that allows you freedom to choose who raises your children in case you are no longer able to.

Do You Want To Avoid Extra Hardships In Tough Times?

The best plan is to always have a plan in place. Similar to natural disasters, people are urged to have survival kits, extra money, and food to minimize hardships. The same concept applies to estate planning and protecting your family when you are no longer able to provide for them. Unfortunately, emergencies occur making it crucial to have a proper plan in place. Who will make decisions for you in case you are not able to? There are many questions to consider now before it is too late and someone else makes those decisions for you.

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