If you need advice regarding an estate planning matter (or you are the trustee of someone's trust and need guidance), or other related matters, we offer general consultations.


We can review your documents such as an existing estate plan. The fee includes review of all the documents and an hour consultation with the attorney.


Our Basic Living Trusts are comprehensive. They include a Trust, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive and Will. This is ideal for all clients with assets who want to avoid lengthy, expensive and public probate.


A durable power of attorney allows you to name agents to handle your business and financial affairs if you cannot. They basically have the legal authority to stand in your shoes and take actions on your behalf. This is particularly helpful if mental or physical disability prevents you from managing your own affairs. This document is not for health care matters.


A basic will is for people who simply want a solid document that outlines who gets their estate after they pass away (rather than leaving it up to the State of California). A will does not avoid probate court and only controls assets in your name alone that do not pass by any other means. Probate proceedings can take 1 to 2 years to resolve.


This is a very important legal document for all of us to have. It allows you to provide instructions to physicians and family members regarding your health care wishes and designate agents to make health care decisions for you if you cannot. It prevents arguments among your family members and rash decisions made that can affect your quality of life. We also include a HIPAA Medical Record Release form to help your family members obtain Medical Records on your behalf. Finally, if you have any post-death wishes (i.e., cremation/burial, etc.), we can include those as well. Includes 1 hour consultation and notary fees.

NNomination of guardian for minor children.png

A nomination of guardian for minor children is a must have legal document for parents of minor children. This solidifies a parents choice for legal guardian of their minor children should anything happen to both parents.