5 Strategies To Use While Discussing Estate Planning With Your Parents

5 strategies to use while discussing estate planning with your parents

Life is precious, but the unfortunate truth in life is that we will all pass away one day. Forecasting life expectancy with aging parents is not easy to deal with, which is why parents and their adult children at times avoid discussing end of life planning. Granada Hills estate planning attorney Michelle Castillo has seen this backfire in many occasions. For this reason, below we highlight 5 strategies you can use to more effectively discuss estate planning with your parents.

Be Transparent

Communication is very important during this time. Being secretive and not sharing information with key family members or siblings can be doing more harm than good. This will prevent future arguments and ensure everyone is in agreement to the estate plan conditions. It is important to keep in mind that with setting up your parents' estate plan, you are creating a plan that will help you make appropriate decisions to fulfill their wishes. Your focus should not simply be trying to inherit their estate or assets.

Take Your Time

Setting Up an estate plan will likely be a lengthy conversation over time. This is why it is important to take your time when discussing estate planning with your parents. There is a lot of thinking that must take place for both parents, children, and key family members. Consider the best time to bring up the topic of conversation, and do so in a manner that is not overwhelming. 

Strategies to use when discussing estate planning for your parents


Since this conversation will be ongoing it is crucial to pay attention and keep track of what is being said. People sometimes change their mind, mention desires, and hint at certain wishes. These notes are great for referring back to. Note-taking can be very important in keeping track of things, but remember that nothing is official unless there is written documentation.

Consider How to Introduce the Conversation

Keep in mind that the topic of planning for the end of life can be tough for some people to discuss. Think of different ways to approach the topic that will be comfortable for both you and your parents. You might want to consider approaching the topic seeking guidance for when you will have to make decisions on their behalf and express how you wouldn't want to be in a position of not knowing what to do.

Speak to an Attorney

Consulting with an experienced attorney can be one of the best choices you make. Granada Hills estate planning attorney, Michelle Castillo can vouch for this as she has helped numerous families. An estate planning attorney can help with the documentation process, can serve advice, and help you with questions to consider asking your parents. This can be a major asset in the formation of estate planning documentation. Many attorneys offer free first time consultations to help you understand the importance of estate planning so be sure to take advantage. 

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